Wine: is there a way to combine the various colors, aromas, and bodies of wine together to transform the seemingly mundane activity of team building into an original and innovative social activity? DiWine Team Building is a passionate game where participants will have a chance to reflect on differences between personal and others' representations.

Whether it is an entire organization or a singular department, it is only through reciprocal knowledge and a sense of belonging and fitting into a group that create the possibility to achieve common objectives as a whole.


A wonderful and effective training in communication skills can be obtained through an engaging wine tasting.

The ability and efficacy in wine tasting depends primarily on our abilities to recognize and distinguish different emotions and sensations involved in the process. All the messages that we exchange are triggered and trigger each other's emotions and sensations, regardless of our intentions. Di-Vine Communication can be used as an innovative metaphor in order to deliver results for more effective communication skills that focus on one’s emotional intelligence.


Learning to recognize a wine aroma requires the ability to discern subtle smells often only slightly detectable. Therefore it is only through the use of attention, concentration and above all the ability to confront oneself with the diversity, both inside and outside the wine glass, that we can improve our tasting techniques.

DiVine Diversity: a fun and exciting way to experience Diversity Management by learning how to taste and appreciate a wine glass.


Nowadays, Neurosciences have shown what has been already known for ages but never demonstrated: consumer’s behavior is largely influenced by unconscious and emotional variables. It is starting from these reflections and neuromarkting data that Experiential Marketing has been recently developed.

Due to its ability to evoke a world of emotions and sensations, wine represents an excellent metaphor that can be used for training activities on Experiential and Emotional Marketing.


Being a leader means being able to inspire, motivate, guide your collaborators. To do so a leader needs the capacity to aknowledge and navigate effectiveley emotions, both his own and others. We are then talking about an emotional inelligent leader.

Using wine as an experiential metaphor participants will have the opportunity to work on their emotional skills specifically related to their role.